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09/26 & 09/27, two day only deals

this post may contain affiliate links
there are often some good deals to be had when the end of one month's easy saver catalog overlaps with the beginning of the next month. here are some deals that can be done on the 26th and 27th of sept.

♥ glade scented oil candle holders
the limit on this rebate is 4, so if you have multiple manufacturer's coupons, you can do this up to 4 times!
+$5.99 (ymmv, in my store these were $6.99)
-$2 sept esc
-$2 Glade Scented Oil Candles Holder 08-24 ss
-$2 oct esr
=free (.01 profit)

(if you didn't get your garnier rebate from the aug/sept overlap, you can do this deal)
♥ Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 25.4oz or Deep Conditioner 10.2 oz
$6.99 x 3
-$9 oct ESC ($3 x 3)
-$3 off garnier ($1 x 3) 7-20 SS, 6-22 RP, 8-24 RP, or 9-24 RP
=$8.97 oop
-$10 sept esr
=$1.03 profit

♥ Pert Plus 2 n 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner 13.5 oz or 25.4 oz
+$3.49 (13.5 oz)
-$2 insert coupon 8-3 SS or 9-7 SS
-$2.50 oct ESC
=$1.01 overage
-$3.49 Sept esr
=$4.50 profit

(use the manufacturer coupon first, and both coupons should go through. but you must buy something else in this transaction to eat the overage, they aren't going to give you cash back!)

♥ glade fabric & air odor eliminator
the limit on this rebate is 10, so if you have multiple manufacturer's coupons, you can do this up to 10 times!
+$2.99 (ymmv, in my store these are more expensive)
-$1.50 off glade fabric & air or 8/24 ss
-$1 sept esc
-$1 oct esr limit 10
=$.51 profit

via a full cup, slickdeals, and melissa on i <3 cvs welcomes participation from readers!
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