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american heart association
donate $1 receive coupon booklet

donate $5 get $5 off your next purchase of $10 of bayer products (bayer, aleve, & one-a-day shown)

Biore Cleansing Nose Strips 6 pk or 8 pk get $3 RR wyb $10

Claritin get $5 RR
Claritin 10 MG, 30 Tablets
Claritin 24 Hr Allergy

Dove Products
select products, Excludes Trial Sizes
Buy 1 Get $1 rr
buy 2 get $3 rr

EverPure Haircare Products get $5 RR wyb 2
Smooth or Volume Conditioner
Smooth or Volume Shampoo

Gillette Venus Embrace or Fusion Gamer get $6 RR

Gillette Venus Spa, Embrace or Breeze Cartridges get $4 RR

KY products $2 RR
Warming Oil 2 in 1
Warming Jelly 5 Oz

Listerine or Reach Products get $3 RR wyb 3
Reach Advanced soft toothbrush 2 pk
Reach Ultraclean toothbrush
Listerine Cool Mint mouthwash
Listerine Vanilla mouthwash

Mucinex get $4 RR
Mucinex DM Maximum Strength 28 Tablets

Powerbar $1 RR wyb 3
Perfect Smoothie Berry
Peanut Butter

Prilosec OTC 20 MG, 14 ct get $1.50 RR

Sally Hershberger Products get $5 RR wyb 2
Shagg Style Primer 6.7 Oz
Normal/Thick Hair Styler Primer
Normal/Thin Hair Conditioner 10 Oz

SinuCleanse Products get $5 RR
Sinucleanse Kit, 30 free with Pack of 60

Tylenol or Motrin Products get $3 RR wyb 2
Tylenol Cold Multi Symptom Rapid release 24 gelcaps
Tylenol Cold Severe Multi Symptom 24 caplets
Tylenol Rapid release 100 Gelcaps

Vicks or Oral B Products Buy $15 participating get $5 RR wyb $15, get $10 RR wyb $20
Vicks VapoRub Jar 1.75 Oz
Vicks Dayquil 20 Liquicaps
Dayquil Plus Vitamin C 20 Liquid Gels
Vicks 44 Sore Throat Spray berry
Vicks Nyquil D Original Liquid, 10 oz - Sale Price $5.99
Vicks Early Defense Hand Sanitizer, 5 oz
Vicks Speed Read Therapy
Vicks Comfort Flex Thermometer
Oral-B Cross Action Vitalizer Toothbrush
Oral-B Cross Action Pro Health Soft Toothbrush
Oral-B Cross Action Vitalizer Medium Toothbrush

Walgreens Omeprazole 20 MG, 28 ct get $4 RR

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