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03/22 my trip today

cost: $1.95

i bought:
hunts sauce 8 oz $.99
hunts sauce 8 oz $.99
hunts sauce 8 oz $.99
hunts sauce 8 oz $.99
hunts sauce 8 oz $.04
(shelf price is $.99 ea or 5/$4)

subtotal: $4

used coupons:
-$2.05 hunts sauce $.39 ea in-ad coupon

=$1.95 (used wags gc)

this store had about 13-15 cans of hunts on the shelf. i need at least 7 more cans to qualify for the conagra esr #29, but i didn't want to wipe them out... or upset the cashier by buying so many. so i just got 5 for now. as you can see, the 5th can rang up for $.04 because the regular price is $.99 each or 5/$4. so you may need to buy more than 11 cans to get to the $10 needed for the esr (depending on how many you buy at a time.)