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05/02 my trip today

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cost: $5.13

i bought:
nivea body wash 16.9 oz $4.99
Bayer quick release crystals 4 ct $2.49
ravinia hair elastics $.20 (clearance)

subtotal: $7.68

used coupons:
-$1 off Any Nivea Body Product 2 oz + (internet coupon no longer available)
-$1 bayer quick release crystals, any - from bayer display

=$5.68 + $.45 tax

used rr's:
$5 rr nivea!!!
and $1.13 wags gc

$2.50 rr Bayer quick release crystals 4 ct (4/26-5/30)

spent $5 rr + $1.13 on wags gc
received $2.50 rr
cost: $3.63

he bought:
early edition sunday newspaper $.75 (coupon inserts pictured)
early edition sunday newspaper $.75 (coupon inserts pictured)

=$1.50 (used $1.38 gc + $.12 cash)

both transactions combined:
spent $5 rr + $2.51 on wags gc + $.12 cash
received $2.50 rr
cost: $5.13

as you can see, i screwed my transaction by using a nivea rr to buy nivea!

i had changed the transaction a couple of times, and didn't double check it before getting rung up. after the nivea rr didn't print, i had my boyfriend abort the other items he had and just get the papers because i was afraid there was a problem with the machine. i got back in line to return the nivea and then realized what i had done!

i kept the nivea since it was my mistake. i have gotten about 10 free already, so i had to just let this one go. it was not easy though! i really wanted to cry!

i used the last of the credit on my rebate card, so i'll have to really try to keep my oop low until i get the april rebates loaded. hmmm... i almost hope some rr's don't print so i can get a gc instead. :) welcomes participation from readers!
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