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05/20 my trip today

cost: $2.74

i bought:
lays bbq potato chips $3.99
Bayer quick release crystals 4 ct $2.49
Dry Idea Clinical Strength deodorant $5.99
royal jello $.69

subtotal: $13.16

used coupons:
-$1 Bayer Aspirin quick release crystals, from display @ Walgreens
-$2 Dry Idea® Roll-On Antiperspirant Available at Walmart® or from box of previously purchased Dry Idea® Roll-On (incorrectly coded coupon - register will read "item not found," but cashier should enter it manually)
-$.44 royal jello (4/$1) in-ad coupon

=$9.72 + $.52 tax

used rr's:
$8 rr fish oil
$1 rr skintimate

and $1.24 wags gc

$5 rr Right Guard or Dry Idea Clinical Strength deodorant (5/17-5/23)
$2.50 rr Bayer quick release crystals 4 ct (4/26-5/30)

spent $9 rr + $1.24 wags gc
received: $7.50 rr
cost: $2.74

my boyfriend "needed" the chips. why pay full price in cash when you can go to wags and get 3 other items and use rr's and end up paying less than the price of the chips alone?