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wags back-2-school coupon book

these coupons expire 8/29/09:
    100 calorie packs $1 off 2

    Capri Sun $1 off 2

    Chips Ahoy $1 off

    Claritin $2 off

    Claritin $3 off

    digital prints $.15 each

    Excedrin Express Gels $1.50 off

    Frito Lay Stax $.50 off

    Green and black chocolate $1 off

    Huggies wipes $2 off (says "$2 off" on the front and "$1 off" on the back - but takes off $2 when scanned.)
    combine with:
    -$1.50 Huggies diaper Product may not display for all zip codes - worked for 45435
    -$.50 Huggies Baby Wipes 64 ct + ss 8/16/09

    KISS everlasting nail kits $1 off

    Kotex pads or tampons $1 off

    Kraft cups $1 off 4

    Luster weekend tooth whitening $3 off

    No Doz caplets $3 off

    Ocean Spray craisins $.50 off

    One a day adult $2 off

    One a Day Teen $2 off

    Panoxyl facial $2 off

    Poppycock $1 off

    Purina one $.50 off

    Sea Breeze $1 off

    Silent Snooz snore relief $3 off

    Triaminic $2 off

    Vagistat - 1 $4 off

    Walgreens smoking cessation gum $5 off

    wrigley's 3 pk $1 off

    Zone Perfect $.50 off
this booklet of coupons may be found at the front of the store next to the weekly ads.

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