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12/18 my trip today

profit: $.07

    i bought:
      Complete Multipurpose Solution 12 oz $6.79
      Gillette Fusion $7.64
      Dulcolax Balance 7 day 4.1 oz $5.95
      viva paper towels 6 pk $5.94
      betty crocker cake mix $.84
      Votive Candle $.42
      toblerone $1.27
    subtotal: $28.85

    used coupons:
    =$15.07 + $.86 tax

    used rr's:
      $5 holiday
      $5 neutrogena
      $5 neutrogena
    and paid $.93 oop


    spent $15 rr + $.93 oop
    received: $16 rr
    profit: $.07

notes:it's not like i needed the rest of this stuff, but it was worth it for the free paper towels! i only wish i had time to do more transactions.