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08/02 my trip today

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profit: $2.54

    i bought:
      Alive! Energy Multivitamins Men's 50 ct $8.50 ($10 - 15% discount)
      Crayola Crayons 24 pk $.85 ($1 - 15% discount)
      Crayola Washable Markers super tips 20 pk $2.55 ($3 - 15% discount)
      acco paper clips $.67 ($.79 - 15% discount)

    used coupons:
    = $11.15 + $.31 tax

    paid with:
      $3.50 rr colgate
      $3.50 rr colgate
      $3.50 rr colgate
      $.96 oop

      $10 rr Alive! Energy Multivitamins Men's or Women's 50 ct 8/01-8/07
      $1 rr Crayola Crayons 24 pk 8/01-8/07
      $3 mir form Crayola Washable Markers classic 8 pk or super tips 20 pk 8/01-8/07

    spent $11.46 ($10.50 rr + $.96 oop)
    earned $11 rr
    will receive $3 mir
    profit: $2.54 ♥

notes:if you are using the friends & family discount, make sure the coupon is scanned before your items! apparently it doesn't work scanned at the end of the transaction.

according to wild for wags, if you call the Crayola Rebate Center they will tell you that the crayola rebate was intended to be limited to one per household. However, the Rebate forms printed yesterday and today don’t specify that, so if you purchased more than one YESTERDAY OR TODAY (8/1-8/2), you can send in multiple rebates and they will be honored (you can send them in the same envelope.) starting tomorrow, the printed rebate forms should state “1 Per Address or Household.” welcomes participation from readers!
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