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08/29 my trip today: kraft, renew life, & more

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saved 107%
profit: $2.55

    ♥ profit on both transactions combined = $2.55 ♥

don't you wish walgreens did friends & family day more often? :)

wal-dram 2 16 ct is being offered as a substitute for zentrip! it automatically rings up $3 and prints $3 rr. my store was out of the zentrip and only had one wal-dram.

i also did another transaction to spend another $10 rr i had from renew life that was expiring today. i got 4 delish pizzas that were $2.55 each after the discount. :d

update 08/30: i originally forgot to use the kraft coupons from the september coupon book! i went back and asked the store if i could get the difference back and they refunded me the $5! i fixed the transaction above to reflect this. welcomes participation from readers!
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