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wags transaction planner & savings log

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plan your transactions and track your savings
using this excel spreadsheet!

click here to download

if you do not have microsoft excel, you can also open and edit spreadsheets with open office, which is free!
download open office

  • use the tabs on the bottom to switch between the transaction planner and your log.

  • enter your information in the blue areas, gray areas will calculate automatically

  • don't forget to enter your tax rate (cell m2)

  • the max cost is calculated assuming you will cash out your points earned at 5000/$5, the min cost assumes 40000/$50

  • if you want to calculate a new transaction without clearing out the previous one, you can right-click the "planner" tab and copy it. welcomes participation from readers!
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1. no personal attacks or insults.
2. no advocating coupon fraud.
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