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07/28 - 08/03

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    crayola posterboard 22/28" $.39 w/ in-ad coupon

    elmer's school glue 4 oz or sticks 2 pk $.49 w/ in-ad coupon

    hunt's tomatoes sauce 8 oz or butterball chicken broth 14.5 oz $.50 w/ in-ad coupon

    nestle candy .77-2.1 oz $.49 w/ in-ad coupon

    nice! gelatin $.29 or 4/$1
    10% back w/ prescription savings club
    (bonus buy)

    nice! mushrooms or mandarin oranges 4 or 11 oz $.69 w/ in-ad coupon

    wexford 2-pocket folder $.10

    wexford notebook 1 subject or paper mate highlighters 6 pk $.49

    wexford scissors 5" $.49 w/ in-ad coupon

    wooden ruler 12" or mini highlighter $.19 w/ in-ad coupon

    wrigley's 5 or orbit gum 6 pcs $.50 w/ in-ad coupon

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