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balance rewards exp changes 07/2017

points will now expire one year from the date they were earned! has updated their balance rewards terms & conditions...

Effective August 25, 2017, points will expire one year after they are earned instead of the current three year expiration date. All points earned prior to August 1, 2016 will expire on August 25, 2017.

07/23 - 07/29

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paper mate & sharpie mechanical pencils, pens, & markers (select) $.99
inkjoy pens 8 ct pictured!

paperless coupons for points deals (exp 09/23/17)

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07/30 - 08/05

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crest toothpaste 3.5-6.2 oz (select) $3.99 get $6 rr wyb 3

trolli , jujyfruits , red hots , boston baked beans , & lemonhead theater box candy 3.5-5 oz $1 get $1 rr