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welcome to "i heart wags"!

this website is a free resource for anyone interested in deals at walgreens

erica hart has been bringing her readers walgreens deals for over ten years and iheartwags.com is ranked the #3 walgreens blog on the web by feedspot!

iheartwags.com has also been referenced on AARP.org, fox 5 atlanta, all you magazine, & NBC Philadelphia.

what you get at iheartwags.com:

  • previews of weekly walgreens ads
    the wednesday before the start of the sale week, sometimes sooner!

  • a listing of each week's/month's best deals

  • other walgreens-related deals
    for example; rebates on items sold at walgreens & walgreens gift card deals

  • discussion of deals and shopping strategies
    check out each week's comment section where walgreens couponers, from newbies to pros, share deals and updates, ask and answer questions!

  • links to print coupons for deals at walgreens
    these are direct links whenever possible, saving you from clicking through multiple pages to find the coupon you need

  • newspaper insert coupon information
    so you can easily find/clip the coupons you want to use

  • minimal posts
    iheartwags.com is organized simply, with all weekly deals listed on the same page for easy planning.

  • walgreens related deals only
    this site is dedicated to walgreens deals.

    for deals at cvs and rite aid, check out my iheartcvs.com & iheartriteaid.com sites.

    and if you are interested in coupons and rebates, check out my iheartcoupons.net site.

  • no "sponsored" posts
    sponsored posts (also known as promoted posts, paid posts, sponsored reviews, etc) are posts which are advertisements for a particular company or product, but are usually disguised to look like other posts on the site. the blogger receives compensation in the form of money, products, or services for publishing the post. i won't waste your time with deceptive "content" that is actually an advertisement.

  • no promotion of coupon fraud or "extreme couponing"
    i will not promote deals involving the incorrect use of coupons. to be sure you are using your coupons legitimately, follow the wording on the coupon and only use coupons that came from a reliable source, such as the manufacturer.

    in some cases, a coupon or deal may fall into a "gray area" where some believe the deal is unethical while others think it is acceptable. in these cases, i will most likely post the deal and leave it to you to decide for yourself whether to do the deal or not.

    This site is in no way affiliated with TLC’s Extreme Couponing nor do I endorse or condone the type of couponing depicted on the show. TLC’s Extreme Couponing created unrealistic expectations about how coupons work and promoted the misuse of coupons. In real life, individuals attempting to use coupons in such large quantities or in violation of the coupon's terms would likely have their coupons refused at the register or, in extreme circumstances, be investigated by law enforcement.