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how walgreens works - frequently asked questions

    the basics

  • how do i get started?

    create your mywalgreens account on walgreens.com.

  • what do the couponing abbreviations and acronyms mean?

    here is a list of acronyms/abbreviations you may see on this site:
    bogo or b1g1 = buy one get one (free)
    CASH = coupons.com cash back / Alexa shopping / SHopmium
    / db = coupon database
    dq = digital coupon (paperless)
    ets = excludes trial sizes
    gc = gift card
    gm = general mills coupon insert from newspaper
    ip = internet printable coupon
    man = manufacturer
    mir = mail in rebate
    nla = no longer available
    oop = out of pocket cost
    oos = out of stock
    pg/p&g = proctor & gamble coupon insert from newspaper
    psa = prices start at
    = walgreens cash
    / rr = register reward
    save = save coupon insert from sunday newspaper
    ss = smartsource coupon insert from sunday newspaper
    uni = unilever coupon insert from sunday newspaper
    wags = walgreens
    wyb = when you buy
    ymmv = your mileage might vary

  • walgreens cash
    walgreens cash

  • how do you earn walgreens cash?

    Walgreens Cash can be earned with the purchase of specific products, as advertised. buy the exact items advertised to receive walgreens cash.

    you also earn 5% back in walgreens cash wyb any walgreens & corner w brands or
    10% walgreens cash rewards on walgreens & corner w brands when you use the walgreens credit card

    earn 1% Walgreens Cash on all other purchases or
    earn 5% back on all other purchases in walgreens cash when you use the walgreens credit card

    also earn additional walgreens cash rewards for achieving health goals
    Earning Walgreens Cash rewards through Health Goals will be discontinued as of 11/16/2022.

    Rewards on prescriptions and other pharmacy items and services cannot be earned in AR, NJ or NY.

  • can I do a walgreens cash deal more than once?

    walgreens cash deals are not limited! you can even do the same deal more than once within the same transaction.

    according to the official walgreens coupon policy...
    "management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased. customer and employee purchases of excessive quantities of advertised items is not permitted. an excessive quantity is any quantity above and beyond normal household usage."

    most walgreens stores do not enforce any limits, but ymmv.

  • can I earn walgreens cash if i use coupons or redeem walgreens cash?

    Walgreens Cash will not be earned on the portion of a transaction that was paid for using Walgreens Cash, store coupons, or store credit. however, manufacturer coupons do not count against you.

    for deals requiring purchasing a certain quantity of items, rather than spending a certain amount, you can use walgreens cash or store coupons and still earn walgreens cash.

  • does walgreens cash expire?

    Walgreens Cash expires 12 months after it is earned.

    if you do not use any Walgreens Cash for six months, then your account will be deemed inactive and all Walgreens Cash will be lost.

  • what happens if i return an item that i earned walgreens cash for?

    On a return or exchange of a product that received Walgreens Cash rewards, the applicable Walgreens Cash rewards will be deducted from the customer's account.

  • register rewards
    register rewards

  • what are register rewards?

    register rewards (rr) are coupons that print from the catalina machine after you make a qualifying purchase.
    rr can be used "like cash" on a subsequent transaction.

  • how do you earn register rewards?

    buy the exact items advertised to receive rr. if the register's catalina machine is visible from the customer's side of the counter, you may want to check to see that the green light is on - showing that the machine should be working properly.

    please note, it has been reported that a price modification will stop rr from printing. however, catalina should still honor the deal (see "what if the expected register rewards don't print?" below)

  • is there a limit on register reward deals?

    each rr deal is limit 1 per transaction.
    fortunately, most stores do not limit transactions.

    according to the official walgreens coupon policy...
    "management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased. customer and employee purchases of excessive quantities of advertised items is not permitted. an excessive quantity is any quantity above and beyond normal household usage."

    most walgreens stores do not enforce any limits, but ymmv.

  • how do you use register rewards?

    generally, you can use your rr like cash on your next purchase, but there are some exceptions.

    the fine print on rr's state that they cannot be used on tobacco, alcohol, tax, lottery tickets, money orders, stamps, dairy, or any gift cards or pre-paid cards. however, some stores still allow rr's to be used on some of these items, ymmv.

    as stated in the fine print, you cannot use more rrs and manufacturer coupons than number of items you are buying. as long as you are buying as many items as you have rr & manufacturer coupons, you should be able to use multiple rr. for example, if you wanted to use 5 man. coupons and 5 register rewards, your transaction would need to have at least 10 items. if one of your coupons is $x off 2 or a bogo, it will probably apply to both items and you'll need an additional item to use a register reward as well. store coupons do not affect how many manufacturer and rr's you can use.

    you cannot "roll" rr's into the same deal 99% of the time. for example, if you use an rr from kellogg's to purchase more kellogg's items, you will not get another rr.

  • what if the expected register rewards don't print?

    if you purchased the right items but didn't get your rr, you can contact the catalina company.

    another option is to ask the store associates to fix it in store. in most cases, when an rr doesn't print it is because the catalina printer is out of ink/paper or is malfunctioning in some way. some stores may be willing to re-ring the qualifying items at another register where catalina machine is working or issue credit to you on a walgreens return card or in walgreens cash. if not, you still have the option of just returning the items or having the entire transaction voided.

  • using coupons at walgreens

  • where can i find the official walgreens coupon policy?

  • what coupons can i use at walgreens?

    Walgreens accepts paper manufacturer coupons, printable manufacturer coupons, paperless coupons, & coupons from the monthly savings book.

    one way to check if an item has any available coupons, is to scan the item's barcode using the Walgreens app! go to the search box and then click the barcode icon, and the barcode scanner will open.

  • can you "stack" manufacturer's coupons and walgreens store coupons?

    yes, you may combine a manufacturer's coupon and walgreens store coupon on the same item.

  • can you use a coupon when the coupon value is more than the item's selling price?

    walgreens coupon policy states that when an item's selling price is less than the value of the coupon, walgreens will not accept the coupon.

  • does the store lose money when i use manufacturer coupons?

    no, the manufacturers reimburse retailers for coupons!
    in addition to the face value, the store usually receives an eight cent fee for accepting a manufacturer's coupon. this covers the cost of processing the coupon for redemption and then some. you can learn more about how manufacturer coupons work here.

  • miscellaneous

  • how do you get the walgreens ads early?

    since walgreens stopped printing paper flyers, it is unusual to see any ads leaked ahead of the official release.

    walgreens officially releases the following week's ad on walgreens.com the thursday before the sale week.

    if you are able to get an advance copy of a weekly ad not yet posted here, please consider sharing it with iheartwags.com readers! you can upload your photos or scans here.

  • what region are the walgreens ads posted for? why is my ad different?

    my final ad images are for long island, ny. however, flyers that were originally leaked on other sites could be from anywhere.

    although most walgreens deals are consistent across different regions, there can be some differences. to be safe, check your local ad on walgreens.com before shopping.