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11/07 my trip today

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so with $55 in rr that were expiring today and tomorrow, and having considerable difficulty coming up with anything i wanted to spend that much on, i decided to try buying a $30 wags gc as part of my purchase. i succeeded!

i bought:
gallon milk $3.49
schick quattro disposable razors $5.99
schick quattro disposable razors $5.99
glade wisp flameless candle $5.99
goody comb $3.29
celestial seasonings tea $1.50
celestial seasonings tea $1.50
l'oreal age perfect pro-calcium $19.99
always infinity 18 ct $4.99
9 xmas pencils $4.50 (cheapest fillers i could find!)
wags gift card $30 (not pictured)

subtotal $87.23

used coupons:
-$3 Glade Wisp Flameless Candle Starter Kit 11-02 ss
-$1 Celestial seasonings tea bags 20 ct or larger box 10-05 ss
-$1 Celestial seasonings tea bags 20 ct or larger box 10-05 ss
-$5.99 Schick Disposable Razors buy one get one free (up to $12.99) 10-19 ss
-$6 ($3 x 2) Schick Disposable Razors nov esc (page 11)
-$.50 off tuscan milk
-$2 off goody ouchless
-$2 LOreal Skincare Product, any (redeemable only at WALGREENS) rp 10/5/08
-$2 Always Infinity pads 14 ct. or higher 10-12 PG
-$1 always infinity pads wags coupon (request sample & coupon from walgreens)

also had
$1 off 2 Celestial seasonings nov esc
but it looks like that coupon did not come off .... :(

=$62.74 + $4.29 tax (used $60 rr, $7.03 on wags gc)

$1 rr for always infinity (11/02 - 11/08)

will receive:
$2 esr for glade wisp
$19.99 esr for l'oreal age perfect pro-calcium
$2.20 10% bonus for applying rebates to gc

spent $60 rr + $7.03 on gc
received $1 rr
received wags gc for $30
will receive $24.19 in esr
cost: $11.84 welcomes participation from readers!
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