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11/21 my trip today

cost: $.73

i bought:
bioinfusion conditioning balm 16.9 oz $10
bioinfusion conditioning balm 16.9 oz $10

subtotal $20

used coupons:
-$10 ($5 x 2) bioInfusion Shampoo or Conditoner 33.8oz, Conditoning Balm, 16.9 oz or serum 6.75 oz from the dec esc

=$10 + $1.73 tax (used $10 rr, $1.73 on wags gc)

will receive:
$10 nov esr #3 on $20 worth of bioinfusions
$1 10% bonus for applying rebates to gc

spent $10 rr + $1.73 on gc
will receive $11 in esr
cost: $.73

this is the best of the 11/21-11/22 deals, so don't miss it!

tip: print the bioinfusions coupon and bring it with you. many stores will not have the december easy saver catalog out yet, even though technically the offers in it start 11/21!