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12/07 - 12/13 weekly deals

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Coke 12 pks $10/3 get $2 RR

Vicks UV Puremist Humidifier Tower $59.99 get $10 RR

Buy 1 get $3 RR, buy 2 get $7 RR, buy 3 get $10 RR
Small Kitchen Aplliances
Kitchen Gourmet appliances including 2 slice toaster, slow cooker, Hot Pot, Single Burner,
5 Speed Mixer, Popcorn Popper, Waffle Maker, Tall can Opener, Perfection Garment Steam Dry Iron

Gillette Fusion Power or Manual Gift Set $12.99 get $3 RR

Buy Bedhead Straightner $59.99 get a $20 Coupon for a Digital Photo Keychain

Buy $5 get $1 RR, buy $10 get $3 RR, buy $15 get $5 RR
Colgate Toothpaste $5/2
Colgate Toothbrushes $5

Crest Pro Health Toothpaste or Oral B Advantage TB $6/2 get $2 RR

Heat Sense or Flexible Heating Pad $34.99 get $5 RR

Buy 3 or more get $5 RR
Sudafed PE $3.99
Tylenol $4.99
Zyrtec $18.99
Imodium $10.99
Pepcid AC $14.99
Bendryl $6.49

Buy 2 or more get $5 RR
Mucinex $9.99
Claritin $16.99
-$3 Claritin

Buy 2 get $2RR , buy 3 get $5
Robitussin $3.99
-$2 off robitussin (must register)

Excedrin 100 ct $12/2 get $3 RR
-$2 off excedrin

Omeprazole $13.99 get $4 RR

Buy $25 of Walgreens Brand get $10 GC

♥ Scotch Magic or Gift Wrap Tape 2/$2
-$1 Scotch Tape 6 rolls (two three packs) 11-23 S
-$2 on 2 3 pks dec ESR #35
=$1 profit ♥

♥ schick titanium $6.99
-$3 dec esc
-$4 Schick Quattro Titanium Razor, Refill or Travel Gift Set Dec. All You magazine
-$2 off any schick quattro titanium trimmer

♥ sure deodorant $2.50
-$1.50 dec esc
-$1 off sure

maybelline cosmetics bogo
-$4 Maybelline New York Lipstick, Gloss or Liner 12-07 RP

in-ad coupons:

♥ 99¢ Reynolds Foil 20sq ft
-$1 Reynolds Wrap Foil except 25 sq. ft. or 11/16/08 SS

$2.99 Angel Soft TP 12roll

99¢ Palmolive

2/$1 Campbells Soup

99¢Chicken of the Sea tuna

3/$2 Hallmark Money Holder card

Buy 20 get 10 free photo cards

99¢ Walgreens rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide

$4 off Oscal

$4.99 Alka Seltzer Cold and Sinus

$4 off Breathe Right

Walborn BOGO

$1.39 Halls Cough drops

39¢ Walgreen toothbrush or breath drops

$10 off Aquafresh Whitetrays

99¢ Shaving Cream

$1.99 Walgreens Cotton Swabs

$1.99 Mitchum deodorant

99¢ Dove soap bar

$1.99 Tree Removal bag

8/$1 Christmas gift sack

69¢ gift box

3/$1 Invisible tape

2/$1 Gift decoration

4/$1 Taper candle

$1.99 Cottonelle wipes

2/$3 Ultra Quilted paper towels

$6.49 Brawny paper towel 8 roll

2/$3 One gallon Peak windshield wash

$10 off Entertainment book 2009

99¢ Sony video cassette

$3 off The Dark Knight or Dr Seuss Horton Hears a Who DVD

$4.99 Kodak Power Flash disposable camera

BOGO free Joybrite candy cane

99¢ Cadbury Bar

$1.99 Orbit White gum bigepak

3/$2 Orbit or Eclipse gum

99¢ Geisha canned fruit

59¢ Swanson Chicken broth

99¢ Carnation Evaporated milk

2/$1 morton salt or baking soda

2/$3 Ragu spaghetti sauce

$1.99 Domino Sugar

$3.99 Aquafina 24pk

BOGO free Russell stover

89¢ Puff Tissues

Armour Vienna Sausage
Pure american water
Speed Wheels
Christmas candy
Plastic cutlery
Jiffy muffin mix
Nestle candy
Nestle Holiday candy
Holiday candy
Palmer candy
walgreens soda
Van de kamps beans
snowman paper serving tray
mini sticker book or clings
disney mini puzzle
light set and cord organizer
gift bag
vinyl placemat
mini christmas candle
peel and stick gift tags
mini candy container
taper candle ring
4 loop red velvet bow
holiday waterball
salt/pepper shaker
miniature stocking
cutting ribbon egg
tissue paper or gift wrap

bic soleil razor or cartridge 4 pk bogo ($6.99 for 2) 11/21-12/27
shimmer or regular
not advertised in weekly flyer - only on shelf tags
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