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04/09 my trip today

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cost: $3.57

i bought:
skintimate Dry Skin (Infused with Olive Butter & Soy) upc 0 46500 43122 7 $2.99
chapstick $1.99
papermate pens $3.29

=$8.27 + $.54 tax (used $7 rr + $1.81 wags gc)

rr's did not print, cashier told me the machine was turned off because it was out of ink. the manager refunded $5.24 to my gc.

spent $7 rr + $1.81 on wags gc
received $5.24 credit to gc
cost: $3.57
this was supposed to just be a quick trip to get some erasable pens and a couple of freebies while i was there. i can't complain though, lately my rr's have been printing very consistently.

the reason i received $5.24 instead of $5 is that the manager processed it as a return, so i received credit for tax as well. welcomes participation from readers!
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