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04/22 my trip today

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profit: $.40

i bought:
chapstick naturals medley $1.99
Skintimate Shave Gel $2.99
glade soy candle $6.49
glade soy candle $6.49
auto expressions vent fresh refill $2.49
ladies mitchum $2.99
wags go green bag $.99

subtotal: $24.43

used coupons:
-$4 candle or reed diffuser within the Fragrance Collection by Glade
-$4 candle or reed diffuser within the Fragrance Collection by Glade
-$4 ($2 x 2) Glade soy candle 4.5 oz april easy saver coupon
-$2.49 free auto expressions vent fresh elite refill (from vent fresh elite air freshener package)
-$.75 Mitchum or Mitchum for Women Product SS 3/22/09
-$.99 wags go green bag
no discount was received for the earth day coupon

=$8.20 + $1.85 tax (used $3 rr + $7.05 wags gc)

rr did not print:
$2 rr Chapstick 100% Naturals or True Shimmer Lip Balm or Butter (april rr)
$3 rr Skintimate Shave Gel or Edge infused/energy shaving gel (april rr)
$2 rr Mitchum (4/19-4/25)
i was rung up at the beauty counter. last time i was rung up at the beauty counter the same thing happened. something tells me that catalina machine is not functioning.

manager issued credit to a gc for 15% discount and rr's that did not print

spent $3 rr + $7.05 on wags gc
received $7 credit to gc for rr that did not print
received $3.45 credit to gc for discount
profit: $.40

if you get cashier who doesn't know about this coupon, they probably won't realize that they need to ring the sale up as an employee discount. just scanning the coupon will only take off $.99 for the bag. check your receipts and make sure that the discount is actually taken off!

this manager was great. gave me no hassle whatsoever, complimented me on my shopping skills, and most importantly - did not tell me my rr did not print because i used coupons. :) welcomes participation from readers!
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