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04/15 my trip today

cost: $2.56

    i bought:
      schick hydro shave gel 8.4 oz $2.99
      U by Kotex tampons 18 ct $3.49
      biore pore unclogging scrub $5.99
      biore deep cleansing pore strips 8 ct $5.99

    used coupons:
      -$1 u by kotex
      -$5.99 Biore Cleanser Free when you purchase any Deep Cleansing Pore Strips (up to $9.00) 030710 ss buy coupon
    =$11.47 + $1.59 tax

    paid with:
      $10 rr dulculax
      $3.06 oop


    spent: $13.06 ($10 rr + $3.06 oop)
    received: $10.50 rr
    cost: $2.56

notes:by the way, the biore rr is rolling! (you can use it to pay when buying more biore and still get a new biore rr.)