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04/18 and 04/19 my trip today (and last night)

profit: $30

    i bought:
      Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D 1000IU High Potency softgels 120 ct $5

    used coupons:
      -$5 nature's bounty (when you enter codes from previously purchased vitamins and redeem your points for coupons)

      $5 rr Nature’s Bounty Vitamin D 1000IU High Potency Tablets 120 ct 4/18-4/24

    spent: $0
    received: $5 rr
    profit: $5
    i did this transaction 3 times last night and 3 more times at another wags today!

♥ profit on all transactions combined: $30 ♥

notes:and i still have 2 more $5 coupons!