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07/24 my trip today

cost: $1.24

    i bought:
      Colgate total Advanced whitening toothpaste 5.8 oz $3.49
      Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Dark Chocolate Almond Bars $2.99
      Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Dark Chocolate Almond Bars $2.01 (2/$5)
      reese's peanut butter cups $.69
      Penway folder 2 pocket $.09
      Penway folder 2 pocket $.09

    used coupons:
    = $6.36 + $.38 tax

    paid with:
      $3 rr celsius
      $3 rr celsius
      $.74 oop

      $3.50 rr Colgate total Advanced toothpaste 5.8 oz 7/18-7/24
      $2 rr wyb $5 kellogg's 6/27-7/31

    spent $6.74 ($6 rr + $.74 oop)
    earned $5.50 rr
    cost: $1.24

notes:actually i didn't need 2 folders (as fillers to use my rr's). but i had added wrong and thought i was okay with both folders and no reeses. when i saw my total was too low to use both rr's i added the reese's. (i think it's a suggestive sell item.)