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12/08 - 12/11 4 day sale

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    super jingle cash limit $20 rr per transaction 12/05-12/18:
      get $5 rr wyb $25
      get $10 rr wyb $50
      get $15 rr wyb $75
      get $20 rr wyb $100

other deals
    american express gift cards get $5 off activation fees wyb 2

    arm & hammer laundry detergent 25-36 loads $6.99 bogo

    dr. pepper, 7up, a&w, sunkist, canada dry, or hawaiian punch 2 liters $.89

    maybelline cosmetics 40% off

    toys reg $9.99
      -$4 w/ in-ad coupon

    zhu zhu pets, kung zhu hamsters, playsets, or accessories bogo 50% off

filler items
    tealight battery operated $.50 w/ in-ad coupon

    walgreens hydrogen peroxide $.25 w/ in-ad coupon

    walgreens invisible tape 1/2x450" $.50 w/ in-ad coupon

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