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05/30 my trip today: wheat thins & icyhot

cost: $0

    i bought:
      icy hot naturals pain relief cream .5 oz $.99
      wheat thins 10 oz $2
    = $2.99

    paid $2.99 oop

    earned rr:
      $.99 rr icy hot naturals pain relief cream .5 oz 5/29-6/04
      $2 rr ritz crackerfuls 6 oz (or ritz crackers 16 oz, wheat thins 10 oz, triscuit 9.5 oz substitutions!) 5/29 + 5/30 only

    spent $2.99 oop
    earned $2.99 rr
    cost $0

notes:i thought i'd make a quick stop to see if the illy coffee or applied nutrition calcium had materialized, but no such luck.