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10/04 my trip today: cepacol lozenges

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saved 101%
profit: $.02

    i bought:
      cepacol sensations lozenges 4 pk $1
    = $1 + $0 tax

    paid with:
      $1 rr glade

      $1 rr cepacol sensations lozenges 4 pk 09/30-10/06
      $.01 (10 points) wyb $1 non-prescription vitamin, or cough, cold, pain, or sleep medication (only in ar/nj/ny where points cannot be earned on prescriptions)

    spent $1 rr
    earned $1.01 ($1 rr + $.01 pts)
    profit $.01

    then i repeated the same transaction

profit on both transactions combined: $.02

my glade rr's were about to expire and this was an easy way to trade them for new rr's.

i was hoping for to do the cottonelle wipes/bath tissue deal, but they were sold out of the wipes... welcomes participation from readers!
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