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easy saver rebate program ending

the word on the street is that 04/2009 will be the last month of the esr program.
we will have to see if they replace it with some other program...

there were rumors a while back about walgreens going to a cvs-type of program...

update 4/2/09:
i notice in this photo of the display signage for the chapstick deal this month, that reuben kindly sent to me, it says "for register rewards members"

i think this is further evidence of a loyalty card program! (or it could just be a misprint)

update 4/14/09:
enough people have reported hearing this from wags employees, that there is probably some truth to it:
there will still be rebates - If an item has a rebate, the catalina machine will print out the rebate form. (unless you used coupons... just kidding, but you can see where this is going to lead to problems!)

update 4/29/09:
confirmed: there will still be some mail-in rebates.
there are 2 mail in rebates listed in the ad for 5/3-5/10 (page 15)! the ad states "* rebate form printed at checkout."

update 4/30/09:
there are also 7 mail in rebates listed in the ad for 5/17-5/23.

update 5/03/09:
from walgreens.com:
"Note: The Walgreens EasySaver Catalog has been discontinued. We thank you for all your support.

Why was the EasySaver Rebate program discontinued?

We are developing new loyalty programs that we expect will bring even more interesting incentives and rewards."