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05/23 my trip today

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cost: $11.99

cost of all transactions combined: $11.99

notes:the noxema coupons do not beep for overage because of the bogo sale. :) (just make sure there are other items in your transaction to absorb the overage.)

kelli brought it to my attention that the scrubbing bubbles refill coupons says the max value is $3.99! my cashier gave me the full $4.99 off anyway, but ymmv.

i was hoping to get more complete but only found one at 2 stores. hopefully they'll be getting more in during the week.

the digiorno pizzas rang up $6.99, but the cashier price modified after i showed her the ad.

if you don't want/need pizza, the other 2 transactions would only cost you $1.99! (depending on your tax rate and what items are taxable in your state.) welcomes participation from readers!
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