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november 2010

♥ freebies ♥
    ♥ bayer Breeze2 or Contour Meter $14.99 get $5 RR 10/24-11/20
      -$10 Bayer Meter or Monitor (Contour, Contour USB, Breeze 2, Didget or A1C Now Selfcheck) (exp 10/31/2010) 8/8/2010 RP buy coupon

register rewards
    GE Energy Smart light bulbs get $2 rr wyb 2, or get $3 rr wyb 3 10/21-11/28
      -$1 GE Reveal, Energy Smart, or Halogen Light Bulbs (exp 12/31/2010) 11/7/2010 SS buy coupon
      -$1 GE Energy Smart CFL or LED, GE Reveal CFL, or GE halogen (exp 12/02/2010) 11/7/2010 SS buy coupon

    Kleenex Tissue 60 ct + get $1 rr wyb 4, get $2 rr wyb 5, or get $3 rr wyb 6 11/01-11/28
      -$.50 Kleenex Facial Tissue, 3 Singles or 1 Bundle (exp 11/28/2010) 10/3/2010 SS buy coupon
      -$.50 Kleenex Facial Tissue, (1) Bundle or (3) Singles (exp 1/2/2011) 11/7/2010 SS buy coupon

    Little Remedies get $2 rr wyb 2 10/24-11/21

    wisk laundry detergent 48 loads get $2 rr 11/14-12/11

mail in rebatesas advertised in november 2010 coupon book
valid 102410-112010, mir prints at register
(unless noted otherwise)
    Chestal Syrup 8.45 oz get $6 MIR Limit 1

    Humidifiers get $10 MIR Limit 1 mir Per Brand:
      Disney’s Winnie the Pooh
      Sunbeam Warm Mist or Cool Mist
      Vicks Germ Free, Filter Free, or Warm Mist
      Walgreens Ultrasonic Dual Tank 1.8 Gallon
      Walgreens Ultrasonic 1.2 Gallon

    Novo Fine 32G Tip Disposable Needles get $10 MIR (Exp 6/30/11)
    rebate form may be found in november coupon book

    Sunbeam Cuddle-Up Warming Throw, Temper Form, Plus Size or Plus Size Heat Sense get $5 MIR Limit 1

    Sylvania Appliances get $3 mir limit 3:
      Coffee Maker 5 or 10 Cup
      Omelet Maker
      Food Chopper 3 Cup
      Hand Mixer 5 Speed
      Steam Iron
      Single Burner
      Rice Cooker 6 Cup
      Toaster 2 Slice
      Slow Cooker 1.5 qt
      or Hot Pot 32 oz

    Sylvania Appliances get $5 mir limit 3:
      Double Burner
      Slow Cooker 3.5 qt
      Deep Fryer 1 liter
      Blender 10 Speed
      Toaster Oven 4 Slice
      Digital Coffee Maker 12 Cup
      Cord Reel Iron

    Thermometers get $20 mir Limit 1 mir per brand:
      Braun ThermoScan Ear
      Comfort Forehead
      Vicks One-Second Forehead Thermometer

        -$1.50 Vicks Product (exp 11/30/2010) 10/10/2010 P&G buy coupon
        -$1.50 Vicks Product P&G MIR Savings Booklet (exp 1/31/2011)
        -$1 Vicks Product (exp 10/31/2010) 9/26/2010 P&G buy coupon

    Walgreens Blood Pressure Monitors Arm or Wrist get $10 MIR Limit 1 mir Per Style

    Walgreeens Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitors Arm or Wrist get $15 MIR Limit 1 mir Per Style

    Walgreens Heating Pad King Size get $5 mir Limit 1

    Walgreens Heating Pad Standard Size get $3 MIR Limit 1

    Walgreens Premium Arm Blood Pressure Monitor get $20 MIR Limit 1


other sales:
    Pampers Cruisers diapers or Pampers wipes get $5 off your next purchase of Pampers wyb $25 11/01-11/27
      -$1 Pampers Diapers or Training Pants (exp 11/30/2010) 10/31/2010 P&G buy coupon
      -$1 Pampers Baby Wipes (exp 11/30/2010) 10/31/2010 P&G buy coupon

walgreens does not publish their monthly deals.

deals listed have been advertised on catalina announcements, shelf tags, or displays. this list is updated as more deals are discovered. if you find any not listed here, please let me know!

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