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12/08 my trip today: dove, wet, & shredded cheese

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saved 90%
cost: $3.61

    i bought:
      wet kiwi strawberry flavored lubricant 3.5 oz $5.99
      dove men+care deodorant 3 oz $3.99
      deerfield farms shredded cheese 8 oz $2.89
    = $12.87

    used coupons:
      -$1 wet personal lubricant, any (exp 12/31/11)
      -$1 axe, vaseline for men, degree for men or dove men + care product - internet coupon, no longer available
      -$.89 deerfield farms / nice! shredded or block cheese 8 oz, or american singles 12 oz $2 w/ in-ad coupon
    = $9.98 + $.86 tax

    paid with:
      $8 rr cold sore treatment
      $2.84 oop

    spent $10.84 ($8 rr + $2.84 oop)
    earned $9 rr
    cost $1.84

    then i repeated the same transaction, this time paying like this...

    paid with:
      $2 rr softlips
      $2 rr softlips
      $6.84 oop

    then i bought:
      wet kiwi strawberry flavored lubricant 3.5 oz $5.99
      mini stocking 7" $.99
    = $6.98

    used coupons: = $5.38 + $.55 tax

    paid with:
      $3 rr dove
      $2.93 oop

    spent $5.93 ($3 rr + $2.93 oop)
    earned $6 rr
    profit $.07 ♥

cost of all transactions combined = $3.61
my 2nd transaction is a mystery to me. i realized afterwards that i needed another filler in order to use both rr's. but somehow i was able to complete the transaction with only one filler. here's my receipt...

i've been staring at this receipt trying to figure it out. i thought maybe an rr can attach to an in-ad coupon as if it was another item... or maybe it works when rr's are scanned before man. coupons... but if it was that simple someone would have discovered it a long time ago, right? i just don't get it! welcomes participation from readers!
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