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01/05 my trip today: triaminic, ester-c, l'oreal, & more

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saved 85%
cost: $4.57

    i bought:
      muscletech smart protein bar 2.2 oz $1.99
      triaminic multi-symptom fever 4 oz $5
      triaminic multi-symptom fever 4 oz $5
      clearasil daily face wash 6.5 oz $3.79 ($2 off sale)
      ester-c gummies 60 ct $7.49
      ester-c gummies 60 ct $0 (bogo sale)
      l'oreal true match roller natural beige w4 $3.79 (clearance)
      l'oreal infallible powder nude beige 660 $2.79 (clearance $3.59, bogo 50% off)
    = $29.85

    used coupons:= $10.85 + $.72 tax

    paid with:
      $5 rr lifestyles
      $5 rr lifestyles
      $1.57 oop

      $2 rr muscletech smart protein bar 2.2 oz 01/01 - 01/07
      $5 rr wyb 2 triaminic cold, cough, fever, or allergy relief thin strips 14 pk, liquid 4 oz, or fever reducer 2/4 oz 01/01 - 01/07

    spent $11.57 ($10 rr + $1.57 oop)
    earned $7 rr
    cost $4.57

there are a lot of l'oreal cosmetics and hair care items on clearance in many stores. so bring your man. coupons and don't forget the l'oreal coupons in the january coupon book!

if you're wondering why my 2nd l'oreal item was $2.79 instead of $1.80 its because the register deducts the $2 coupon before taking off the 50%. so $3.59 - $2 wags coupon = $1.59, 50% off $1.59 is $.80 off. i guess that makes sense, but i doubt i'll ever remember to figure that in when planning transactions.

get a price check on the clearasil items. they seem to be on sale for $2 off and the $2 in-ad coupon takes off another $2. use a man. coupon as well for some really cheap items! welcomes participation from readers!
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