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your baby coupon book - exp 06/30/13

look for this coupon booklet at wags stores
this coupon book was spotted in a hospital maternity ward waiting room
some stores allow use of the coupon codes without the physical coupon
let us know if you find the book in your store!

    walgreens coupons inside expire 6/30/13...

    A&D diaper rash cream or original ointment $1 off

    wags coupon code 5159

    Enfamil vitamin drops $1 off

    wags coupon code 5175

    Lansinoh nursing pads 60 ct, storage bags 25 ct, or soothies 2 ct $3 off 2

    wags coupon code 5957

    little remedies $1 off

    wags coupon code 5955

    MAM $2 off 2

    wags coupon code 5954

    Medela $2 off

    wags coupon code 5166

    NUK $2 off 2

    wags coupon code 5155

    Playtex Baby $1 off

    wags coupon code 5953

coupon photos/scans needed...

do you have this coupon booklet?

if so, please email me!

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