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06/02 my trip today: irish spring & skintimate

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saved 58%
cost: $7.52

cost of both transactions combined: $7.53

my store just got the new registers and there were lots of problems....

after scanning one irish spring coupon, the registers would not accept the 2nd. the register also would not accept the skintimate coupon. they had to be entered manually. then the skintimate rr did not print. but when the manager rang up the same bottle of skintimate alone with no rr or coupons, the rr printed!

i had more skintimate coupons, but didn't attempt to buy any more because i didn't want to create more problems for the employees. (who were very nice about everything!)

i normally don't pay this much for body wash, but this is my boyfriend's favorite so it was worth it. :) welcomes participation from readers!
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thank you! erica