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pediatric care coupon book (exp 08/31/13)

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look for this coupon book in stores!
coupons expire 08/31/13

    manufacturer coupons ("redeem at walgreens") inside...

    advil children's (any) $1 off

    benadryl children's (any) $1 off

    boogie fresh or grape scent wipes canister 90 ct $1 off

    delsym children's $1 off

    dimetapp (any) $1 off

    hyland's cold 'n cough 4 kids, nighttime cold 'n cough 4 kids, or cough syrup w/ honey 4 kids $.50 off

    mucinex children's 4 oz $1 off

    pediacare (any) $1 off

    pedialyte (any) $.50 off

    sudafed children's cold 4 oz $1 off

    tylenol children's 3.38/4.0 oz $1 off

    vicks vaposteam, vapor inhaler, or vapo rub 3.53/6 oz $.50 off

    zarbee's children's cough syrup 4 oz $2 off

    walgreens coupons inside...

    Wal-Zyr Children's 8 oz $.50 off
    coupon code 2434

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