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your child coupon book (exp 12/31/13)

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look for this coupon book in walgreens stores and at doctor's offices
some stores may be willing to enter the coupon codes if you do not have a copy of the book!
these coupon books are sometimes received in mailings from american baby
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walgreens coupons inside expire 12/31/13...

baby orajel Naturals or Orajel Teething $1 off
coupon code 5254

curel $1 off
coupon code 5422

enfagrow Powder 24 oz or Ready to Drink 4 Pk $1.50 off 5250
coupon code 5250

flintstones vitamins $1 off
coupon code 5265

Gentle Naturals $2 off
coupon code 5261

huggies Pull-Ups or Goodnites $2 off
coupon code 5259

nix $3 off
coupon code 5260

PediaSure $2 off
coupon code 5248

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