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beauty club

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sign-up for Beauty Enthusiast Club!
this promotion ended in 2020

members receive...

  • 5000 pts for every $50 spent on qualifying beauty purchases
    5000 pts = $5-$6.25

    Qualifying Beauty purchases include fragrances, cosmetics, nail, skin care, hair care, beauty accessories, & bath products.
    Excludes prescriptions, baby hair care, baby skin care, & men's grooming products. clearance items reported included.

    oral care & grooming (shaving needs) removed from qualifying items 08/2018.

    The qualifying beauty spending total is calculated before manufacturer coupons/register rewards redeemed, gift card used, & taxes paid, and after discounts, points redeemed, and store credit have been deducted.

    each beauty purchase counts toward your $50. you can spend $50 on beauty all at once or over multiple transactions.

    you'll still earn everyday points, bonus points on featured products each week, as well as any other Balance Rewards offer.

  • Digital coupon via Email for 20x Everyday Points when you sign up

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