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walgreens basics

  • register rewards (RR) are coupons that print from the Catalina machine after you make a qualifying purchase.

  • RR can be used "like cash" on a subsequent transaction.

♥ how to earn register rewards ♥

buy the exact items advertised to receive rr. if the register's catalina machine is visible from the customer's side of the counter, you may want to check to see that the green light is on - showing that the machine should be working properly.

each rr deal is limit 1 per transaction. you can do multiple different register rewards deals in one transaction, but you will not receive more than one rr for the same deal. fortunately, most stores do not limit transactions.

♥ what if my register rewards don't print? ♥

if you purchased the right items but didn't get your rr, you can call the catalina company @ 1-888-322-3814.

it has been reported that a few stores have their registers and catalina machines programmed so that rr will not print if coupons are used - but if this is true, it is very rare. don't be fooled if walgreens employees suggest that your rr did not print because you used coupons in your transaction. walgreens even advertises rr deals suggesting that you use coupons to save more.

in most cases, when an rr doesn't print it is because the catalina printer is out of ink/paper or is malfunctioning in some way. if you choose to call catalina for your missing rr, have your receipt in front of you, they need some info from it, and they'll be able to see if the machine was working and if you bought the right products. It does tend to take a few minutes for the call, and then you have to wait to get the RR in the mail, which takes 6-8 weeks.

another option if your rr does not print is to ask the store associates to fix it in store. some stores will only advise you to contact catalina, but others are more than willing to re-ring the qualifying items at another register where catalina machine is working or issue credit to you on a walgreens return card. if your store won't make things right, and you don't want to spend the time to contact catalina and wait for rr to be mailed to you, you still have the option of just returning the items or having the entire transaction voided.

♥ how can i use register rewards? ♥

generally, you can use your rr like cash on your next purchase, but there are some exceptions.

the fine print on RR's state that they cannot be used on tobacco, alcohol, tax, lottery tickets, money orders, stamps, dairy, or any gift cards or pre-paid cards. however, some stores still allow rr's to be used on some of these items, ymmv.

as stated in the fine print, you cannot use more RRs and manufacturer coupons than number of items you are buying. as long as you are buying as many items as you have rr & manufacturer coupons, you should be able to use multiple rr. for example, if you wanted to use 5 man. coupons and 5 register rewards, your transaction would need to have at least 10 items. if one of your coupons is $x off 2 or a bogo, it will probably apply to both items and you'll need an additional item to use a register reward as well. store coupons do not affect how many manufacturer and rr's you can use.

You cannot "roll" rr's into the same deal 99% of the time. for example, if you use an RR from Kellogg's to purchase more Kellogg's items, you will NOT get another RR. the best way to "roll" is to use your Kelloggs RR to help pay the balance on a different rr deal. You can then use the RRs from the 2nd deal, to purchase more Kellogg's.

♥ how can i use coupons at walgreens? ♥

you may combine a manufacturer's coupon and walgreens store coupon on the same item.

during a "buy one get one free" sale at walgreens, "at least one product needs to be purchased. a maximum of one bogo coupon is permitted per two qualifying items in a bogo offer."

walgreens coupon policy states that when an item's selling price is less than the value of the coupon, walgreens will not accept the coupon.

if you are using a manufacturer's coupon and a wags coupon on the same item that add up to more than the selling price of the item, and you have other items in transaction, give the cashier your manufacturer's coupon first. a manufacturer's coupon will be rejected by the register if it is over the cost of the item, but a wags coupon will be accepted as long as it is not more than the total balance due. but although the register may accept both at full value, your cashier may adjust the amount of the coupons as per walgreens official policy.

for example:
the incorrect order...
deodorant $1.99
-$1 in-ad coupon (wags coupon)
-$1 manufacturer's coupon - will beep and register will not accept it because it is over $.99!

but if you give the cashier the manufacturer's coupon 1st...
deodorant $1.99
-$1 manufacturer's coupon
-$1 in-ad coupon (wags coupon) - will not beep
=-$.01 (of course you would need another item in your transaction for the penny to apply to)

walgreens registers will not accept more manufacturer coupons/rr than items. so if want to use rr, but already have a manufacturer's coupon for each item, you can add a small "filler" item for each rr. you'll find a list of cheap filler items at the end of each weekly post.