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12/15 - 12/21

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    battery-operated led metallic tea light candle $.79 w/ in-ad coupon

    campbell's cream of chicken or mushroom soup 10.75 oz $.69 w/ in-ad coupon

    campbell's gravy 10.25/10.5 oz or swanson chicken broth 14.5 oz $.59 w/ in-ad coupon

    coloring book, activity pad, or puzzle $.34 (3/$1) w/ in-ad coupon

    flashing ring, sticker tablet, or licensed sun catcher get 500 pts wyb 3/$2
    500 pts = $.50-$.62

    green giant vegetables 14.5/15 oz or nice! tomato paste 6 oz $.59 w/ in-ad coupon
    10% back on nice! brand w/ prescription savings club

    holiday plastic tumblers 12 oz $.25 w/ in-ad coupon

    hot wheels vehicle $.69 w/ in-ad coupon

    nice! gelatin $.29 w/ in-ad coupon
    10% back w/ prescription savings club

    russell stover christmas candy .875-1.25 oz $.29

    sharpie permanent marker $.39 w/ in-ad coupon

    walgreens hydrogen peroxide 16 oz $.34 (3/$1) w/ in-ad coupon
    10% back w/ prescription savings club

    wexford poly bubble mailer 6x9-12.5x18" $.49 w/ in-ad coupon

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