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"Nice find today. The store I went to had Sally Hansen nail polish on clearance. Ibotta has an offer that includes Gel Polish and It Takes Two, buy 1 get $3, limit 5 and there is $2.50 mq and dq. I bought 5, my total was $15.45, I used 4 mq. It beeped on the 5th but thankfully the dq came off. $15.45 - $12.50 qs = $2.95 + tax. I got $5 Store Coupon/RR from the promo swap mentioned and I got $15 Ibotta. Nice MM." - VP22

"A lot of clearance.
Reese Creamy & Crunch candy .29 in displays by registers. Also the limited edition displays kinder buenos candy (not on regular shelves) .29." - LadyD @ slickdeals

"Got 2 Pledge Expert care furniture polish for 49 cents reg. 4.99, the 2nd was BOGO 1/2 off, so it was only 24 cents! ALso scored 4 Lysol Neutra air spray air fresheners for 78 cents each, reg. 7.99." - Bridget

M&M’s Caramel Coldbrew Share Size possibly 29¢ each (regularly $2.99)
-$1 off 2 M&M'S Caramel Cold Brew Single or Share Size (1.35-2.83 oz.) Bags paperless coupon
Hershey’s Special Dark XL Candy Bar 29¢ (regularly $3.49)
Haribo Rainbow Worms 9oz Bag Possibly only 49¢ (regularly $5.49)
Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Very Berry 9oz Bag Possibly only 49¢ (regularly $5.79)
SweeTARTS Ropes Bites Candy 8oz Bag Possibly only 49¢ (regularly $5.49)
Reese’s Crunchy or Creamy Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups 1.4oz Possibly only 29¢

thanks to hip2save

"Hit the absolute jackpot with cosmetics clearance today, everything was 90%. When I went to the store one of the awesome workers there told me she was about to put these out with stickers and let me grab what I wanted:" - Selma

"covergirl cosmetics is on ibotta for eye and face, select items only. many are on clearance and we just received $4 coupons (paper, printable, digital, cash back).

we are slated for a major cosmetic reset in late June/early July with products leaving and products coming in (I know my BC said they are going to get elf cosmetics in). so expect more clearance in the near future as markdowns have already started." - Couponer

Clorox Plus Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner 38¢ (regularly $4.49)
Walgreens Stainless Steel Facial Roller $1.79 (regularly $6.99)
Shea Moisture Men’s Refreshing Bar 8oz $2.29 (regularly $8.99)
Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara $5.49 (regularly $10.99)
Nature’s Way Sambucus Kids Gummies 60-Count Bottle $4.99 (regularly $19.99)
Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep Gummies 50-Count Bottles $5.49 (regularly $21.99) bogo 50% off
Walgreens Melatonin 60-Count Bottle $5.29 (regularly $14.99)
One A Day Postnatal Multivitamin 60-Count Bottle $8.49 (regularly $33.99)
Voost Women’s Multivitamins 20-Count Bottle $6.49 (regularly $12.99)
GNC Mega Men Essentials Energy Multivitamin 60-Count Bottle $3.29 (regularly $12.99)

thanks to hip2save

poligrip power hold adhesive 2.2 oz $.63
thanks to Gavin Ro

"If you shop at walgreens, they have Maybelline Eye Studio Hyper Easy No Slip Pencil Eyeliner on clearance for $5.79, original price is $11.49. I had $4 dq clipped, so paid only $1.79 got $2 ib." - Chintu

"noticed the safeguard 12oz hand sanitizer on clearance for $1 and looked at the weekly ad and it mentioned that select hand sanitizer from P&G was BOGO50% and part of the buy 2 get $4RR. it worked!

*mine expired in October of 2022 so I'm throwing them in the trash since I don't need them and I'm pretty sure no one wants expired hand sanitizer." - Couponer

"irish spring clearance 75% off. $1/1 cous.
Old spice high endurance 2pk 75% off.
various hand sanitizers 90% off." - LadyD @ slickdeals

"Lever 2000 soap bars, 8pk 4 oz, clearanced at $1.89." - amybeth

"On a much more positive note, I found 90% clearanced neutrogena sunscreen. Invisible Daily Defense 30 spf reg $18.99 ($1.89) plus they were BOG40%."
- Jay Kaye

"I tried my darnedest to see if I could get $25 in clearance makeup, use qs, pay nothing oop and get my $10 WC from spending $25 booster. Unfortunately, I couldn't get everything to lineup properly. I have $10/2 L'oreal makeup dq. For whatever reason, I could not get that to attach to any of the items, even though some were showing when I used the app. I also found clearance Revlon Colorstay but couldn't get the dq to attach. Mad at myself because I had ip at home but forgot to bring them. I didn't do bad at all. Just not quite what I was striving to do: 3 Revlon Beauty Tools $10.87 - $3 Cat mq - $3 Cat mq - $3 Cat mq 2 Maybelline Fit Me Blush $9.43 - $8/2 dq 2 Covergirl Mascara $8.23 - $4 ip - $4 dq Total: $28.53 - $25 qs = $3.53 + tax Got Back: $10.66 WC"
- VP22

thanks to noetab

"clearance cg mascara $4.49 ($4 dq)"
- Jay Kaye

"werther's chocolate caramels only 90% off. various crackers 50% off."
- LadyD @ slickdeals

"Found a bunch of clearance Covergirl Face and Eye at 2 different stores. The lowest was I saw was $3.99 and they count towards Ibotta rebate. Had to buy them separately because I wanted to use $3 off mq and, since Covergirl is bogo50 this week, buying 2 at that price would make the second one only $1.99 which would mean I could have only used 1 coupon that way. Buy 1 @ $3.99 - $3 mq = .99, get $3 Ibotta, $2.01 MM"
- VP22

"Lots of Cover Girl eye makeup and face powders on clearance for $4.50 and less and BOGO 50% off. The $3 DQ came off and I used a paper coupon also and paid less than $0.75 for two products."
- Radical_Q @ slickdeals

"Easter Beanie Babies were marked down to $0.50 at my local store. They had boxed up all the other Easter items a couple weeks ago, but left the Beanie Babies at 50% off."
- Radical_Q @ slickdeals

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