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"A lot of shea moisture bath stuff on clearance but the prices aren't the best." - LadyD @ slickdeals

"I found a cardboard shipper full of Gummi Pop Surprise balls. Regular $2.99 on clearance for $0.29. It was in the middle of the seasonal aisle." - Radical_Q @ slickdeals

"Have you ever heard of PUR gum? Wags has it on clearance for 49 cents. Reg price is $4.99. Wags has a bunch of different flavors.

I just read some reviews. It's one of the healthiest gums out there. People love the taste but it doesn't last very long."
- FabulousPickle2826 @ slickdeals

"They have the Wags brand face masks size small on clearance for $10.99 bogo free. I'm almost out of face masks so I thought that this is my lucky day but I think that small actually means children's. I'm going to have to bring in one of my masks to compare the size.

I found another box of Clairol hair color for a dollar. They were out of Pepsi. I was going to do 3 Pepsi's with 2 Foamy's so that I could use $20 in points.
" - FabulousPickle2826 @ slickdeals

"One of my local Walgreens had a lot of old spice deodorant on clearance for .65 to .88 cents. The fresh sport were BIGI 1/2 off. Pick up 9 and the $5/3 digital coupon came off making them 1.22 for 9! also found 2 Dove mens deo and which was B1G1 1/2 for 1.84 and submitted to shopium for the $4/2!"
- Dan Do

"Look around your stores, there are a lot of random 90% off clearance items thrown around. Candy, cosmetics, cough/cold, batteries (specifically 16ct Energizer AA at SOME but not all stores at 2.49)... many of these match with digital coupons. I got some absolutely fantastic deals, could not believe it."
- storewanderer

"Found some clearance today including the Schwarzkopf (includes got2b) $1.29, $1.39 get $5wc (thanks vp22).
Old spice deodorant fresh endurance 2-pk
98 cents (combine with bog50%)
Old spice fresh 58 cents (bog50%)
Old spice pure sport 58 cents (bog50%)
Special k vanilla and almond clearance sign $1.99 but rang up $1.79 (combine with bogo on special k)
Dollar shave club 4 blade 8x cartridges reg $16.99 ($1.69)"
- Jay Kaye

"Check your account for $3 Simply Venus dq (has a picture of Simply Venus, not the one with picture of Venus 3). They are $3.79 at my store, bogo50 and part of the buy 2 get $5 RR. Buy 2@ $5.68 - $3 dq = $2.68 get $5 RR. I also did this deal last week but that store had only 1 Venus so I got a Gillette Foamy for the second item. They were the same price so I handed the Venus first and then the Foamy and thankfully it worked, the dq came off and I earned the $5 RR.

I got lucky today. Schwarzkopf HC is buy 2 get $5 WC. I found 8 boxes on clearance. I bought those and 2 more Simply Venus 8 Schwarzkopf $9.52
2 Venus Simply $5.68 - $3 dq
Total: $15.20 - $3 dq = $12.20 + tax; used $3 RR, $10 WC and the rest oop
Got Back: $20 WC and $5 RR"
- VP22

"Found HP copy paper 90% off of the (outrageous) price of $15.99, 750 sheets. Bought 6 at $1.59 ea." - Jay Kaye

"Found almay eye liner that was on clearance for $2.79. Purchased two of them for $4.18 and received the $5 WC and submitted to Ibotta for $8!! The product is that price on their website.
Also purchase Got2B hair dye for $1.39 received $4 and $1 bonus from ibotta."
- Dan Do

"Big clearance in the beauty section continues. Several shades/types of Revlon makeup, a couple of Revlon eye palettes; the lipsticks were not as marked down as I would have liked but there were several there, and the one Revlon eye palette that I would have bought didn't scan for ibotta. Also some Neutrogena, Cover Girl, and Rimmel markdowns and plenty of Sally Hansen nail colors on clearance.
In the skincare section, the Cetaphil Moisturizing Gel Cream was down to $12-something, and there was one of the facial skincare Cetaphil products (Healthy Renew maybe?) that was pretty far marked down."
- amybeth

"Christmas clearance was 70% yesterday afternoon. (Meant to post then, but forgot...so sorry...)" - amybeth

"I went to 2 Wags this morning. The first was 80% but the second was 90% off😮" - VP22

"Got lucky and found some Tote's Memory Foam Houseshoes that were $16.99, marked down to $3.39 and I found a Pantene Nutrient Blend Conditioner that was marked down to $1.19 and I got back $3 Ibotta for it." - VP22

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